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ElevATE DPS – Powering the Next Generation of Test

Device Power Supplies (DPS) semiconductors provide flexible voltage and current force measurement capabilities to meet a wide range of test application needs. Our DPS portfolio of products contain integrated System-on-a-Chip (SOC) solutions incorporating up to 8 independent channels.  The interface, control, and I/O are digital with all analog circuitry integrated into the chip.

ElevATE DPS – Market Leading Features

  • Lowest headroom in the industry. Up to 5x more power efficient.
  • Space Efficient. Best in class density with 2 to 4x improvement.
  • Class leading forced voltage range. (60V Operation Window)  
  • Patented “Glitch Free” voltage range changing.
  • Integrated voltage and current clamps enable DUT protection.
  • Gangable DPS with proven operation beyond 100A.
  • Extreme fast load transient response times
  • High Precision PMU features

ElevATE DPS products meet the power and area density requirements for today’s and tommorrow’s ATE test equipment.  By maximizing the power efficiency of the DPS while reducing footprint, ATE equipment manufacturers can now test more ICs by adding more channels into their test solutions.

ElevATE DPS – Featured Products

Vesuvius – A highly integrated Octal SOC Device Under Test (DUT) power supply solution.  Vesuvius features ultra-low power in a class leading reduced footprint. Learn more about Vesuvius.  https://elevatesemi.com/vesuvius/

Whitney – Dual channel 1A capable DPS with a class leading 60V operating window inside a -60V to +60V range. Learn more about Whitney. https://elevatesemi.com/2020products/

High Efficiency DPS – Quad Channel DPS with glitch-free architecture. Imax = 1A Gangable. Learn more about our High Efficiency DPS. https://elevatesemi.com/2020products/

For more information on ElevATEs full range of DPS products, please visit: https://elevatesemi.com/products-dps/

About ElevATE Semiconductor

Founded in 2012, ElevATE Semiconductor is an industry in the design and manufacturing of automated test equipment (ATE) semiconductors for the automotive, memory, 5G, industrial, LCD, datacenter markets.  Learn more at www.ElevATEsemi.com.


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SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics/DAC/PPMU/Deskew

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