Mt. New

New Product Updates November

This is an exciting time at Elevate with several new products under development. Please find our new product status updates below.

Mt. Mystery
SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics
Mt Mystery is proceeding well through characterization and we are now shipping samples and EVM boards.  Please contact us @ for yours. 

Mt. Hood
SOC Octal Integrated PMU
Mt. Hood is back and in the lab for long-life test and characterization. 

Mt. Whitney
SOC Quad Channel High Voltage (70v) Analog Pin
Mt. Whitney is on-schedule for a mid-December tapeout of the production version of silicon.  After extensive testing and characterization of our first part, we took our learnings and have built the highest voltage PMU in the market.  December can’t come fast enough! 

Mt. Rainier
SOC Octal 1.6 Gbps Integrated Pin Electronics 
Mt. Rainier is on schedule for a mid-November test chip tapeout.  The simulations to date are showing true to spec, and we are excited for our fastest, most dense pin driver yet! 


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SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics/DAC/PPMU/Deskew

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Europa ISL55180
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