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Venus (ISL55164)

SOC Dual Channel 133MHz/266Mbps Pin Electronics Driver/Comparator/PPMU/Timing Deskew/DACs

The ISL55164 is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SOC) pin electronics solution aimed at incorporating every analog function, along with some digital support functionality, required on a per channel basis for Automated Test Equipment, The interface, control and I/O of the chip are all digital; all analog circuitry is inside the chip. Two complete tester channels are integrated into each ISL55164. The ISL55164 is pin and functionally compatible with Venus.

venus designs


  • 133MHz
  • 3.75ns Minimum Pulse Width
  • Pin Electronics Driver/Comparator
    • 3-level Driver (DVH/DVL/VTT)
    • 8V Driver Output Swings
    • 16V Comparator Input Compliance Range
    • Extremely Low HiZ Leakage over 16V Range
  • Per Pin PMU
    • FV, FI, MV, MI
    • 8 Current Ranges (32mA, 8mA, 2mA, 512μA, 128μA, 32μA, 8μA, 2μA)
    • +12V Super Voltage Capability
    • Resistive Load (8 selectable resistor values)
  • Deskew
    • Propagation Delay Adjustment (up to 12.8ns range)
    • Falling Edge Adjustment (up to ±3.2ns range)
    • Auto Calibration via PLL
  • On Chip DC Levels
    • 11 Levels/Pin
    • Gain and Offset /Level
    • DUT Ground Sensing/Pin
  • 3-Bit Serial C’PU Port
    • Load Internal Registers and Memory
    • Read Back Internal States
    • Flexible High Speed Digital Inputs and Outputs
      • Selectable On-chip Terminations for High Speed Inputs
      • 50ohm Series Terminated High Speed for Comparator Outputs
  • Package/Power Dissipation
    • 64-Lead, 10mm x 10mm TQFP with Top Exposed Heat Slug
    • Pdq ≤ 1.10W/Channel; Pdq ≤ 2.2W/Chip


  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • ASIC Verifiers


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Venus ISL55164
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