From Our CEO: Working With ElevATE

“As our industry continues to consolidate, we find that our customers are more interested today in creative ways to partner together to solve their test needs; requirements vary significantly from the recent past of simply using a one-size-fits all approach of buying off the shelf parts and spending lots of R&D on board design.  We are finding more unique ways to leverage one of the world’s largest portfolios of analog test IP in putting together semi-custom parts, derived from either something in our existing portfolio or using IP from multiple designs.  Since we are solely focused on this market, we are able to build these designs at lower cost and faster than large companies who have a main business far outside of ATE and test; our threshold of investment for custom and semi-custom applications can be a factor of 10X lower than multi-billion dollar public companies in this space.

Which, I would argue, is why there is only one public company left in test – this market is not a place for people who are not patient, take a long-term view, and are focused on the needs of test customers.. not Wall Street quarterly earnings reports.

When you have unique test requirements that fall outside the bounds of off-the-shelf ATE offerings, engage us and let us use our IP to find a solution that works for you, with an investment level you can manage.”


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SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics/DAC/PPMU/Deskew

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Europa ISL55180
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