David Kenyon: Looking Forward to 2021

Hello and Happy 2021!  I hope this note finds you healthy and ready for the New Year.  We @ Elevate have been very busy at the end of 2020, and we see the pace quickening into ’21.  As you may have read in other posts, the semiconductor supply chain is getting crowded and filling up – orders are booking out longer and longer and we are working our supply chain magic to refill shelves with inventory after a very busy year.  We also have new product – Mystery final silicon is shipping today, the Whitney production parts have shipped and are in house for testing, and we should complete another tapeout on our next gen pin electronics by the end of January (knock on wood!).  We’ve never had so much new product either in the fab, or in house for test at the same time! 

Our company is growing, too – we’re adding operations people, business/administration people, and of course, design engineers and product engineers. 

While we are proud that we came out of 2020 healthy and growing, we are sensitive to the needs of our customers and partners around the world and we can’t wait to re-engage in person this year, when conditions permit.  Video calls are a good tool, but nothing takes the place of sitting down with you and learning about your business, and your test needs.  I’m looking forward to being able to do that in 2021!

Have a great year, and please remember to get us your forecast early this year.. so we can make sure we have you covered for the demand surge that is hitting everyone these days. 




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