2022 CEO Letter. Happy New Year

Happy 2022 from the US – both Austin and San Diego. We’ve expanded our operations and added a new Austin office, which I don’t believe I’ve mentioned before. Texas continues to be a large hub for semiconductor talent, and Samsung itself is investing billions in a new fab in the greater Austin area, among other large investments coming to the region. This helps expand our reach as we grow, take on new employees, and serve additional customers.

We continue to experience rapid growth in our business, supply challenges across the portfolio, and price increases as well. Like many of you with your customers, we have done everything we can to mitigate the impact of these challenges but we’ve slowly implemented new ordering policies with longer lead times and have taken prices on the legacy parts up a bit to offset the large cost increases. Regardless, results from our recent customer survey indicate that the efforts we are putting in to work and partner with you as we weather this storm in the industry, are well received. We are very grateful for that and promise to continue doing everything in our power to keep supply flowing during this time.

The new products that are in queue for design are truly exciting – some of the most dense, fastest parts we’ve ever built and there’s much more in the pipeline to come.

Please reach out and let us know how you are doing and how we can help you as we work together in 2022!

Best Regards,


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