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Lowering Cost of Test

At Elevate, ATE isn’t just our core business, it is our only business!  Unlike our competition, where ATE is an afterthought, a very small piece of a much larger pie, we are actively developing products for the next generation of testing requirements.  We are working on our roadmap, looking constantly to lower the cost of test for our customers by bringing down their power requirements, placing more channels and circuits on our chips than our competitors, and allowing for more tests to be run in parallel than any other product in the market today.  Innovation comes from focus and maniacal dedication to our task, it is not solely a function of dollars or numbers of people that are often shuffled from one project to another, in search of the next great tech trend.  The only trends that matter to us are those that impact our customers’ next generation test requirements, driving down cost of test and solving their most difficult ATE challenges. 

You’ll see our dedication in the number of products we’re bringing to market every year, our flexibility in developing custom solutions for customers who require them, and our longevity/years of management experience in the ATE space. 

Engage us and find out why the world’s largest test technology companies partner with Elevate to address their most difficult challenges across the globe. 

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