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Europa (ISL55180)

ISL55180 is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SOC) Device Under Test (DUT) power supply solution incorporating 8 independent DUT Power Supply (DPS) units.

The interface, the control, and the I/O are digital; all analog circuitry is inside the chip. For most tester applications, no additional analog hardware needs to be developed or used on a per channel basis.

All configuration setup and the writing to and reading back of the internal registers are controlled through the 3-bit serial data CPU port. The CPU port is typically used to setup the operating conditions of each channel prior to executing a test, or to change modes during a test.

An internal register chart (Memory Map), listed later in the data sheet, lists all programmable control signals and their addresses. Real time control is accomplished via the central EN and DATA_# pins. Real time observation is accomplished via the central monitor.

Europa Design


  • Per Channel DPS
    • FV, FI, MV, MI, HiZ Capability
    • 16V Measure Voltage Input Compliance Range
    • 2 Force Voltage Ranges (8V, 16V)
    • 3 Measure Voltage Ranges (4V, 8V, 16V)
    • 6 Current Ranges: (256mA, 25.6mA, 2.56mA, 256μA,
      25.6μA, 2.56μA)
    • Programmable Current Clamps
  • Power Management
    • Independent Output Buffer Power Supply (VCCO)
    • Ability to Exceed VCCO in Lower Current Ranges (Patent
  • Flexible Ganging Capability
    • No Restrictions on Maximum # DPS Units
  • Protection
    • On-Chip Junction Temperature Monitor
    • Over-Temperature Shut Down per Chip
    • Kelvin Connection Sensing/Alarm per Channel
    • Over-Current Sensing/Alarm per Channel
  • Global External Force/Sense Connectable to any Channel
  • Monitor
    • One General Purpose Central Monitor per Chip
      • Scaling and Shifting Capability
      • HiZ Capability
    • One Dedicated Measure Current Monitor per Chip
    • Scaling and Shifting Capability
    • HiZ Capability
  • 3-Bit Serial CPU Port
  • On-Chip DAC to Generate DC Levels
    • 2 Independent FV Levels/Channel
    • Central Resource Mode w/16 Selectable Levels
    • Independent Source and Sink Clamp Levels/Channel
    • 16 bits/Level
    • On-Chip Offset and Gain Correction per Level
  • Package/Power Dissipation
    • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)
    • 128 Lead, 14mmx20mm, LQFP w/Exp Heat Slug
    • Pdq 100mW/Channel; Pdq 800mW/Chip
  • Applications
    • Automated Test Equipment
    • Logic/ASIC Verifiers
    • Instrumentation
ISL55180 Thumb


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Europa ISL55180
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