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Delivering the highest density, lowest power ATE solutions available.

We design state-of-the art chips, utilizing technology that allows for the highest density in the industry – built for the requirements of the next 20 years, not the last 20.

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New Products for 2020

Higher Voltage, More Channels, Less Power

We have several PE and DPS/PMU ATE products under development. From our higher voltage PMU – Mt. Whitney to Mt. Rainier – our high speed, industry leading density – 8-channel solution. Click below for more information on our new upcoming products and specifications.

2020 Year Card Colorful Design

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Mystery: SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics

The Mystery is a highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) pin electronics solution that incorporates every analog function, along with digital support circuitry required to create 8 independent pin channels for Automated Test Equipment. Each channel is configured via a 50MHz SPI interface, and all real time data is programmed and read back through high speed FLEX I/O pins that can be configured to interface directly to other devices using multiple single-ended and differential logic families.


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SOC Octal 500 MHz Integrated Pin Electronics/DAC/PPMU/Deskew

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Europa ISL55180
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