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Supply Continuity

Elevate is the world’s largest “PurePlay” ATE Semiconductor manufacturer today.  Elevate offers long term supply continuity in order to ensure product supply into the future. 

1. Financial Ability: Elevate has the financial strength to support our product life cycles and upsides.

2. Standard Processes. Elevate products are based on widely available processes from .18 µm to 65nm.

3. Die Bank Inventory. Elevate supports Inventory buffers available on an as needed basis.

4. Product Longevity. Elevate has never End Of Lifed a product.

We Know ATE

At Elevate, we know ATE.  In fact, our management team alone has more combined ATE experience than the rest of our competitors, combined.  For years we have innovated when other players have exited the industry, or given up in frustration.  Our high density pin electronics combine speed, flexibility and the best economic value per channel in the market.  We are the choice for the largest test companies in the market, the world’s largest processor companies, and the up and coming firms bringing new, innovative chips to market. 

1. More channels available per chip, meaning more channels per board – driving down cost of test
2. Significantly lower power per channel, in some cases 3X LOWER than our largest competitor, allowing for more chips per board - driving down cost of test

And we continue to innovate – just like our customers.  New industry applications and end use markets, such as automotive, completely change the demands on test technology – requiring much higher voltages, more flexible monitoring configurations, multi-mode operation (high speed/high voltage/low power).  We know that we have to stay one step ahead of the trends, because that what is being demanded of our customers across the globe.  Unlike our competitors, many of whom haven’t put out a new chip in over 5 years, we are constantly making improvements and enhancements to our products.  Building on the largest analog, mixed-signal IP portfolio in the industry, we are constantly asked to build custom silicon for our customers, and thanks to the flexibility of our business model – we are more than happy to oblige.

Lastly, we know that one of the most important things we offer our customers is the partnership of a solution provider, not just a semiconductor manufacturer.  Our relationships last for decades and our customers are often development partners. 

Engage with us and see why we are revolutionizing semiconductor test today!


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