SE-DPIN: Scalable (16 .. 256+) I/O card Technology for PXIe and Custom ATE instruments

Salland Engineering delivers over 28 years of services to develop and build custom ATE instruments for the semiconductor industry. CEO, Paul van Ulsen said; “Building high density instruments is always about finding the right balance between performance, density/throughput within the right available power & cooling at the right cost per channel.“

To address these challenges, Salland decided to design the Instrument IP themselves. This enables customers to benefit from proven & available building blocks to achieve high performance and very high density at the right cost.

Salland’s ‘’off-the-shelf’’ custom OEM instrument solutions allow customers to build  ATE instruments at a fraction of the cost and at minimal risk. In this respect Salland follows a similar approach as Elevate, building standard solutions for custom applications.

Salland’s latest proof of concept is a scalable 200MHz DPin IO technology based on ElevATE’s Mystery Octal SOC ASIC.  This is a 64ch PXIe card with 8 Mystery ICs onboard featuring:

  • 64 (/32)-channel, 200MHz/up to 500Meps Digital I/O card in PXIe format
  • Based on ElevATE Mystery ASIC and a FPGA based timing generator
  • Scalable architecture in blocks of 16 channels up to 256+
  • Technology can be used in all kind of form-factors; modules, ATE, PXIe, etc.

With the Mt. Mystery ASIC, Salland was able to dramatically increase channel count and speed in an air-cooled solution designed to fit into the strict power/space requirements for a PXIe card. 

Air Cooled

SE-DPIN: PXI I/O card Specifications

Form-factor Single slot, 3U PXI
# Channels 64 (or 32) independent I/O
Large Vector Memory 256M vectors
Scan Memory Up to 4G vectors (optional)
Error Memory 1k
Max vector rate 200MHz (39ps Res),  upto 500Meps
Max offset (DGS – GND) ±300mV
High Voltage Mode
Frequency range 100Hz…50MHz
Voltage range -2.0V to +6.0V
High Speed Mode High Speed mode Single ended/Differential LVDS
Frequency range 100Hz…200MHz
Voltage range 0.0V to +4.0V
block to IO card

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