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Technology aficionados know Moore’s Law which states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years. Few think about how those chips are designed, produced, and tested. As silicon content in electronics increase, functionality grows exponentially, requiring size, power, and cost to decrease. The need to test the chips for fabrication defects is essential to provide working components and ensure long life performance. The tests undertaken in production must be suitably comprehensive and at the lowest cost possible. Someone has to build the chips that test ALL these ICs – that company is ElevATE Semiconductor.

At ElevATE, we design and build integrated circuits which test all functions of a semiconductor from the key parametrics: power, speed, voltage, plus the overall system in which the chip is designed to operate. We can identify defects in processing and performance or variation across parameters over time. Our solutions provide all the data I/O, measure the parametrics, supply power, and the power response to the device under test (DUT). Our circuits are accurate enough to characterize the latest high-speed server processors, memory modules, and artificial intelligence (AI) FPGAs used in data center applications.

Ask any engineer and you will be told test engineers are a special breed. Our founders, and many of our team, have been in the semiconductor test space since the early 90’s. A spinout of Intersil in 2012, ElevATE’s heritage goes back to early 2000 as PlanetATE where many of our solutions were first architected. Our customers include the largest semiconductor test companies, startup test firms, test houses, and semiconductor manufacturers. They have procured products which were designed-in over 10 years ago and continue to ship on production boards today. We anticipate our new designs to be available at least that long going forward.

Our customer’s evolving challenges dictate our next generation of products. Semiconductor test continues its march toward lower test times, with more devices under test simultaneously with the goal of minimizing the costs of testing. We see more demand for the lowest power possible at even higher speeds and higher channel counts, which challenges our engineers to push the limits of process and design.

We focus on test and know importance of quality is for our design, manufacturing, and support processes. ElevATE is ISO9001 certified and a continuous improvement organization. Our products go through rigorous qualification thorough testing and characterization before finding their homes on customer boards – in fact, each chip can go through over 3,000 analog tests before being made ready for shipment.

We offer numerous ways to customize our products to meet the wide variety of our customer’s technical needs. If you have state of the art technology, you need the best test circuits in the world to test it – engage us and see why our experience, portfolio of world class products, and our team are the best in the industry!


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