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SE-DPIN: Scalable (16 .. 256+) I/O card Technology for PXIe and Custom ATE instruments

Salland Engineering delivers over 28 years of services to develop and build custom ATE instruments for the semiconductor industry. CEO, Paul van Ulsen said; “Building high density instruments is always about finding the right balance between performance, density/throughput within the right available power & cooling at the right cost per channel.“

To address these challenges, Salland decided to design the Instrument IP themselves. This enables customers to benefit from proven & available building blocks to achieve high performance and very high density at the right cost.

Salland’s ‘’off-the-shelf’’ custom OEM instrument solutions allow customers to build  ATE instruments at a fraction of the cost and at minimal risk. In this respect Salland follows a similar approach as Elevate, building standard solutions for custom applications.

Salland’s latest proof of concept is a scalable 200MHz DPin IO technology based on ElevATE’s Mystery Octal SOC ASIC.  This is a 64ch PXIe card with 8 Mystery ICs onboard featuring:

  • 64 (/32)-channel, 200MHz/up to 500Meps Digital I/O card in PXIe format
  • Based on ElevATE Mystery ASIC and a FPGA based timing generator
  • Scalable architecture in blocks of 16 channels up to 256+
  • Technology can be used in all kind of form-factors; modules, ATE, PXIe, etc.

With the Mt. Mystery ASIC, Salland was able to dramatically increase channel count and speed in an air-cooled solution designed to fit into the strict power/space requirements for a PXIe card. 

Air Cooled

SE-DPIN: PXI I/O card Specifications

Form-factor Single slot, 3U PXI
# Channels 64 (or 32) independent I/O
Large Vector Memory 256M vectors
Scan Memory Up to 4G vectors (optional)
Error Memory 1k
Max vector rate 200MHz (39ps Res),  upto 500Meps
Max offset (DGS – GND) ±300mV
High Voltage Mode
Frequency range 100Hz…50MHz
Voltage range -2.0V to +6.0V
High Speed Mode High Speed mode Single ended/Differential LVDS
Frequency range 100Hz…200MHz
Voltage range 0.0V to +4.0V
block to IO card

CEO’s COVID-19 Update

Our focus has always been on making our customers successful, by providing the highest quality/highest density test ICs in the industry, as well as the best support. Given the evolving COVID-19 situation, many have asked about ELEVATE’s order fulfillment capabilities, so we wanted to give you an update such that that you may plan accordingly.

ELEVATE has long had a business continuity plan (BCP) in place to handle unforeseeable situations, such as the one we are experiencing with COVID-19. As such, ELEVATE has invested to minimize customer disruptions, holding more inventory than a large public company would, across our product portfolio.

These investments will minimize disruptions, but not completely eliminate them.  We have seen delays in certain areas of the supply chain, but we can assure you that we have product on hand, and on order (well before this situation occurred), to address many of these slowdowns.  New products such as Mystery and Whitney are being produced, tested and packaged now, and work continues on all products currently in development. 

Standard lead time for orders is 8 weeks, but expedited shipping inside of that period is available for a nominal charge.  We ask all customers who are able to provide a forward-looking, non-binding forecast which allows us to better plan our supply and notify you of any issues well in advance. 

The team at ELEVATE is working diligently to continue to support you during this unprecedented time.  If you have specific needs that are not addressed in this update, please contact us directly.  We will continue to keep you updated, as warranted, as the situation evolves.

Best Regards,

David J. Kenyon

Hood White Elevatesemi

ElevATE DPS – Powering the Next Generation of Test

Device Power Supplies (DPS) semiconductors provide flexible voltage and current force measurement capabilities to meet a wide range of test application needs. Our DPS portfolio of products contain integrated System-on-a-Chip (SOC) solutions incorporating up to 8 independent channels.  The interface, control, and I/O are digital with all analog circuitry integrated into the chip.

ElevATE DPS – Market Leading Features

  • Lowest headroom in the industry. Up to 5x more power efficient.
  • Space Efficient. Best in class density with 2 to 4x improvement.
  • Class leading forced voltage range. (60V Operation Window)  
  • Patented “Glitch Free” voltage range changing.
  • Integrated voltage and current clamps enable DUT protection.
  • Gangable DPS with proven operation beyond 100A.
  • Extreme fast load transient response times
  • High Precision PMU features

ElevATE DPS products meet the power and area density requirements for today’s and tommorrow’s ATE test equipment.  By maximizing the power efficiency of the DPS while reducing footprint, ATE equipment manufacturers can now test more ICs by adding more channels into their test solutions.

ElevATE DPS – Featured Products

Vesuvius – A highly integrated Octal SOC Device Under Test (DUT) power supply solution.  Vesuvius features ultra-low power in a class leading reduced footprint. Learn more about Vesuvius.

Whitney – Dual channel 1A capable DPS with a class leading 60V operating window inside a -60V to +60V range. Learn more about Whitney.

High Efficiency DPS – Quad Channel DPS with glitch-free architecture. Imax = 1A Gangable. Learn more about our High Efficiency DPS.

For more information on ElevATEs full range of DPS products, please visit:

About ElevATE Semiconductor

Founded in 2012, ElevATE Semiconductor is an industry in the design and manufacturing of automated test equipment (ATE) semiconductors for the automotive, memory, 5G, industrial, LCD, datacenter markets.  Learn more at

Mystery Pose Chips

Mt. Mystery, Achieving the Pin Electronics Trifecta

As technology evolves, and demand increases for next generation chips in artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, automotive, IOT, healthcare and other areas, technology to provide faster, higher density and lower power ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) semiconductors is required.

At ElevATE, the goal is to provide our customers with pin electronic (PE) solutions innovating with respect to speed, power,and density.  The company’s new pin electronics chip, Mt. Mystery accomplishes this design trifecta:  increasing speed by 50%, reducing power by 67%, and total size by 75%.  Achieving it through 20+ years of ATE expertise, circuit architecture advancement, and the use of modern sub-micron technology. 

Density.  In design, Mt. Mystery connotes a compact and efficient use of space.  In technology it also delivers the fine balance between speed and  power.  Whether the latest smartphone, data center blade, or ATE test system the triple challenge of speed, power, and density remains a constant. 

The advantage this trifecta brings to the ATE system designer is flexibility across all three axes. 50% speed increase permits the test of the most modern processor, SOC, FPGA, and memory technologies.  67% reduced power permits tripling the number of pins/devices under test without increasing the power budget.  75% reduction in size permits the quadrupling the number pins under test without expanding the overall PCB size versus a current architecture.  Mt. Mystery achieves this trifecta creating the space for the ATE manufacturer to innovate without the hurdles of prior performance constraints.

The technology trifecta delivered by Mt Mystery creates an added benefit.  It permits ElevATE to drive a lower solution cost.  Combined with ElevATEs ISO certification for design and quality this yields a tangible total cost of ownership advantage to our customers.

Mt. Mystery is now available and is a SOC Octal 500Mz integrate pin electronics solution that incorporates every analog function, along with digital support circuitry required to create 8 independent pin channels for automated test equipment.

For information on Mt. Mystery and other ElevATEs PE products, please visit:

About ElevATE Semiconductor

Founded in 2012, ElevATE Semiconductor is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of automated test equipment (ATE) semiconductors for the automotive, memory, LCD, industry and IOT markets.  Learn more at


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